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American Red Cross Swim Instructor


Job Description:

Swim instructors at Aquatic Consultants of Georgia (ACOG) will be responsible for conducting American Red Cross swim lessons for multiple clients of different age and skill levels, including parent/child lessons and adults. 






  • Organize and instruct individual students and small groups in swim lessons and water safety, including infant/toddler (with/without parent), preschoolers/schoolers, and adolescents/adults.

  • Ensure lesson objectives adhere to American Red Cross philosophy curriculum as referenced in the instructor manual

  • Lift and maneuver students in order to educate them on proper technique throughout the lesson.

  • Educate and enforce safety rules.  Strive to prevent accidents and maintain discipline.  Administer First Aid/CPR in the event of injury.

  • Maintain records of student progress and provide clients/parents with frequent feedback

  • Assist in maintaining a clean and safe pool environment for clients, staff, and homeowners.

  • Act as a swim school spokesperson in the local communities by relaying ARC philosophies.

  • Check pool chemistry as needed.



  • High school diplomas with past experience in swimming, lifeguarding, swim instruction, and water safety is a plus.  College bachelor’s degree is preferred.

  • Must possess lifeguard/CPR certifications, and Water Safety (WSI)

  • Must have a passion for the water and working with novice swimmers of all ages, 

  • Knowledge of rescue and life-saving techniques, artificial respiration, and first aid is a must.

  • Knowledge of general safety rules and precautions related to a swimming pool environment.

  • Must have professional appearance and demeanor when working with clients.

  • Ability to work in a positive way with a wide range of students and varying ages.

  • Use appropriate communication skills in dealing with both children and adults.

  • Must have the ability to perform duties of a vigorous work schedule, including lifting young children and ability to maneuver up to 40 lbs.

  • Valid GA driver’s license, dependable motor vehicle transportation.

  • Ability to work in outdoor conditions in and around swimming pools with exposure to sun and chlorinated/chemically treated water.

  • Compensation:

  • Hourly wage compensation with experience, but will range from $12-$20 per hour.


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